Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Just For Ashes Anymore

I listed this pretty vintage ashtray yesterday.  I almost didn't want to list it as an "ashtray" because it is too pretty to snuff out your cigarette in!  I just can't resist picking them up; they are a reminder of a bygone era.  For me they usually turn into impromptu candleholders (don't worry, this one doesn't look like it has ever been used for anything!).  Especially when we have a cocktail "do" - I like to fill my aqua mosaic tile cocktail table with all sorts of mismatched ashtrays filled with candles.  That reminds is time for another one of those evenings ;)

How many of collect or buy ashtrays and what do you use them for? 



Terran said...

Pretty! I saw a photo of a room where someone had hung a row of pretty little ashtrays vertically in a narrow space between doors and it looked fantastic.