Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gingham & Calico Clusterf@#k - part 1

Twice a year Mick schedules his work around the Maitland Library book sale. Thanks to our, let us say, "unusual" tastes he is always able to come across some brilliant stuff that the mainstream book buyers/sellers push aside. This sale was no different. Not a huge haul, but a quality one none-the-less. One of my favorites is a little sewing/craft booklet from 1976 called "Decorating Ideas With Gingham & Calico". I may end up listing it in my etsy shop, but honestly I'm still too attached. This thing is a treasure trove of crazy ass patterned material and ric rac. Quite simply it would inspire even Amy Sedaris, the Queen of the Gingham & Calico Clusterf@#k! If you are like me and have read (AND LOVE) Ms Sedaris' book "I Like You", you will certainly see where a booklet like this would have inspired a young Amy to share her secrets with today's would-be hostesses. Here's a little tease for you (more to follow) and eventually I may be able to part with it.


Terran said...

I love these things. One of my favorite books is called, "Don't Throw It Away!" and is full of things like old boots spray-painted gold and filled with plastic flowers.