Monday, September 27, 2010

Expand your mid-century cooking horizons!

Kitchen-tested by the Tested Recipe Institute, this recipe collection features over 1000 glistening, color-saturated dishes for you to cook up for your family.  This 1958 state-of-the-art system (complete with see-thru card holder lid) will expand your mid-century cooking horizons!  From appetizers to eggs, from pies to soup accompaniments -- and everything in between.  I've had this sitting on my kitchen counter for some time now, but I've never really let my fingers do the walking.  If only I had the wherewithall to actually try making each one!

Let's begin our journey with #A1:  Marinated Shrimp, Avocado Dip, Deviled Eggs ... Don't forget your multi-colored toothpicks, gals!